Expo 3 – Boltless


Expo 3 – Boltless shelving system

  • Hard wearing galvanised finish
  • Widest choice of sizes
  • Easy to assemble boltless design
  • Shelf capacities up to 400kgs
  • Widths 700, 1000, 1150 and 1300mm
  • Depths 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 & 800mm
  • Shelves adjust every 25mm
  • New slotted shelf and fixed height divider
  • Blue, Black or Galvanised uprights

Heavy duty galvanised finish

Expo 3 uses the same upright pattern as the EXPO 4 system. But it has a different shelf construction. Many of the accessories are interchangeable, please check with sales office.

The shelf carrier and shelf panel design allows higher shelf capacities because the shelf is supported completely along its end. The advantage of this design allows the use of narrow panels to increase the over all load of each shelf.

Example 1000 x 400mm shelf can be made up from either :
2No. 1000 x 200mm panels = 200kgs UDL
4No. 1000 x 100mm panels = 400kgs