Multi Tier Structures

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Improve the efficiency of your storage area with a Multi-Tiered Bosal Storage solution designed to your exacting requirements.

Build through or Gangway Floor Design: Racking is installed to an overall desired height and a walkway floor is suspended between the racking bays giving you a 2 level design. Floors can be particleboard or open mesh steel

This design is very cost effective since you only pay for the floor you walk on, however both levels must use the same layout in order to benefit from this option.

Over Sailing Floor or Rack Support Design: A complete floor is constructed over the top of the first floor and supported by the same. Once installed a second level can be added in any configuration.

This design is also very cost effective and offers the extra advantage of being able to use a different layout on the upper and lower levels. The only limitation is that the second level must be supported so you can not floor over wide-open spaces.

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