Reliable shelving units for multi-functional storage

Multi-System offers many different profiles and is characterised by its flexibility making it suitable for almost every line of business.

Multi-System Frames: Multi-System frames are made up of loose rectangular frames connected by transforms. All elements have been initially scoured and covered with phosphates and epoxy resin.

Multi-System Shelves: Made of rolled steel plate, the shelves are available galvanised or epoxy painted. The shelves are attached to upright frames on four adjustable brackets, which have been galvanised by electrolysis for greater durability. The brackets are easily adjustable in height increments of 50mm.

Accessories: As well as the basic elements to finish off the system, such as shelf re-enforcers and mesh back panels, Bosal offer a wide range of accessories including cupboard doors, steel shelf dividers, drawer units and plastic shelf containers all of which can be integrated into the system.

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